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Integrity | Clarity | Transparency

"If You Can Dream It,
Then You Can Achieve It."

— Zig Ziglar

Integrity, clarity and transparency guide all that we do at Prudent Wealth. Navigating the obstacles that life naturally brings, we help you identify and capitalize on opportunities for financial independence. As prudent financial guides, we have vast experience in developing individual strategies designed to help you thrive. We create plans constructed to nurture your dreams.

Serving from a Christian perspective, we believe in supporting you and your values, bringing to light your financial life today and for the future.

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Who We Are

We are an independent financial firm passionately committed to supporting individuals who want to improve their financial lives. Our team is here to help bring your dreams clearly into view and find creative ways to achieve them.

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Why Us?

As a firm, we work to help you identify your dreams and create a plan to achieve them. We’ve been through the process - we have strategies to avoid pitfalls and want to help you avoid them too. Through experience, wisdom and resources, we’ll help you get where you want to be.

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Our in-depth planning process is designed to coordinate your financial path with your values, offering tools and resources to work toward living a financially independent life.

Divorce Planning

Receiving accurate financial advice before, during and after a divorce can affect your life for years to come. We offer professional guidance as you navigate this difficult process.

Financial Planning

We design personalized, comprehensive financial plans organized to help you achieve your goals and support your deepest values.

Investment Management

With a careful analysis of your risk levels, we help you to balance and manage your investments appropriately. As your circumstances and risk levels change, we adjust your portfolio.

What’s Your Risk Tolerance?

Retirement Planning

Aligning your retirement dreams with appropriate resources requires experience and deep understanding. We offer tools and insight to help you determine what you want in order to create a path to pursue it.

Estate Planning

Establishing a plan to account for your wishes before and after you go can bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones for generations to come.

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Taking Appropriate Financial Actions at the Appropriate Times

Get to Know Your Prudent Wealth Team

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“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

— Zig Ziglar

At Prudent Wealth, our team is united in our desire to help you pursue your dreams. We work cohesively with this end in mind. We strive to ensure that we take care of the necessary details in your transactions and communication with partners. Each team member has expertise in different areas, giving us unique ways to support you in your various questions and needs.

Paul A. Caylor Photo

Paul A. Caylor

Wealth Advisor
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Paul A. Caylor headshot

Paul A. Caylor

Wealth Advisor

As a Wealth Advisor, I am responsible for financial planning, money management and helping clients to make decisions that are in their best interest. I have always had a passion for helping others and designing unique, problem-solving plans for each client brings me great joy.

I entered the financial industry in 1998 right after graduating from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh. I served as Regional Vice President of Investments for 5 years, but I have had my own practice in Fort Collins for the past 18 years. All of my 23 years of experience have been with Thrivent, up until August of 2020 when I opened the doors to Prudent Wealth. These many years of experience combined with my thirst for knowledge help me to continually improve my services for clients.

I currently live with my wife, Natalia, in Fort Collins, where we love to spend our free time together reading, taking photos and also traveling. We have 6 children, Alexander, Samuel, Lorena, Mackenzie, Carolina and Ademar. Our youngest is still in college and the other 5 are now in their professional careers. I live by my personal values, which are having a strong marriage, helping others and seeing my kids succeed in what they want to do. As an active member of Redeemer Lutheran Church, I am an usher, reader and member of the security team. I am also a member of Overland Sertoma in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Judy Fletcher Photo

Judy Fletcher

Client Service Specialist
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Judy Fletcher headshot

Judy Fletcher

Client Service Specialist

As a Client Service Specialist at Prudent Wealth, I enjoy serving our clients and am known for following through with my commitments to them. I take pride in being a good listener and am motivated by being able to apply my skills and experience to the common good of the team.

I retired from full-time employment in 2016 after many years of employment in the telecommunications and financial industry and soon after began working on a part-time basis for Paul in an administrative position. I enjoy the flexibility of working part-time while still keeping in touch with the business world. I am originally from Minnesota but have lived in multiple places as my husband was career military. I have lived in CO since 2002. I love the mountains and never tire of them! I enjoy traveling, tending to flowers in my yard, retail therapy and walks with my 2 miniature schnauzers, Tuxedo and Bart.

I am an active member of Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Fort Collins and participate with Habitat for Humanity Builds in Larimer county. I also traveled to Costa Rica some years ago to help build Habitat for Humanity homes. I enjoy the interaction between people.

My life motto is: “Live life to the fullest and make a difference along the way!”

Pauline Eisenberg Photo

Pauline Eisenberg

Client Service Specialist
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Pauline Eisenberg headshot

Pauline Eisenberg

Client Service Specialist

As an Administrative Office Professional at Prudent Wealth, I schedule appointments for clients, helping to keep an efficiently organized environment.

Raised on a farm in Nebraska, I grew up with a strong work ethic. Immediately after high school graduation, I moved to Fort Collins where I began an extensive career history, first working in the Registrar’s Office at Colorado State University and later moving back to Nebraska to work in the Athletic Department at the University of Nebraska. This job paved the way for me to work for the Denver Nuggets. Later, after spending a few years as a manager and supervisor in the retail business with a transfer to Los Angeles, I began a 24-year career at an aerospace company and retired as a Human Resources Specialist. I have worked for Prudent Wealth for 13 years.

My husband, Gary, and I are members of the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Fort Collins where I serve as Congregational Care Team Leader, eucharistic minister, visitation minister, a member of the church council, Ruth Circle and the sewing circle. I have five stepchildren, 11 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Outside of the office, I enjoy the outdoors, especially tending to my flowers, attending car club functions with my husband who restores old automobiles, watching football (big Husker fan) and RVing around the country to visit family and friends.

We Aim to Help Clients
Achieve Realistic Goals and Gain Confidence

At Prudent Wealth, we are an independent financial firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, a vibrant town overlooking snow-capped mountains, idyllic lakes and clear-running rivers and our unique setting is important to our firm’s identity. It fosters a desire to appreciate life and nature, and our work opens opportunities for clients to more fully enjoy life.

We serve clients experiencing all stages of life: young families, empty nesters, pre-retired and retired individuals. Our work is approached from a Christian-based perspective, serving Christian and non-Christian clients who want to improve their financial lives and we truly love to serve! Helping others pursue a joyful life is our privilege. We specialize in breaking down complicated concepts into easily understood concepts, adapting our services to the needs of each client.

With Prudent Wealth, You Can Expect:




Discover If Our Values Align

Our Credentials

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Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

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Certified Kingdom Advisor

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Retirement Income Certified Professional


Colorado Bar Association-Patron Member
Larimer County Bar Association –Associate Member
Financial Planning Association
Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts Member
Kingdom Advisors Member
Overland Sertoma Member

Why Work With Us

At Prudent Wealth, our mission is to partner with you to help you gain confidence in your future, take care of your family, retire confidently and build your legacy. We focus on providing customized solutions and are dedicated to building genuine relationships and helping people succeed in reaching their goals.


We entered this business because we care about helping people. With access to opportunities that can truly benefit your life, we are committed to using these resources effectively for you. You deserve to work with professionals who you can trust, people who have your best interests at heart. At Prudent Wealth, we advocate for you and your success is our motivation.


Financial clarity provides peace of mind and helps to reduce stress during uncertain times. At Prudent Wealth, we work with you to identify the necessary details to help us serve you effectively. We candidly present information regarding markets, available plans, options and risks with each decision. We will walk with you through the decision making process so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.


We are transparent with all of our fees and compensation. Our fees differ according to the services you choose and the complexities of your plan. If you choose a one-time service, we will charge you a one-time fee, without hidden costs. If you choose to have an ongoing relationship with us, we’ll disclose the fees you can expect on a regular basis. We confidently disclose our compensation, knowing that what we offer to you has great value.

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We Provide Financial Guidance

Intentional Planning for the Next Stage of Life

You only retire once and we want to help you get it right! Preparing for retirement requires intentional strategies and vision. You’ve worked hard throughout your life to enjoy the next chapter fully. At Prudent Wealth, we’ll guide you in creating a retirement plan that can contribute to joyful living.

We look at your timeframe five years out, a year out and six months out as you approach retirement to see that you are on track to meet your goals. We check that your assets are properly balanced and strategically poised for your use. We consider your Social Security benefits, your health insurance coverage (including Medicare), your investments and your cash flow.

Expert Guidance That Can
Help You Avoid Pitfalls

Often, people make costly mistakes when they retire because they haven’t properly prepared for this important life transition. We want to help you:

  • Avoid mistakes

  • Determine when you can comfortably retire

  • Identify efficient ways to maximize your benefits and mitigate unnecessary taxes

What do you envision for your retirement? We include pre-retirement and post-retirement planning that accommodates possible opportunities and problems you may encounter. We help you explore your possibilities and identify what you want to do after you retire.

Do you want to travel? Do you hope to live closer to children or grandchildren? Do you plan to volunteer for organizations you love? Do you want to downsize your home? We’ll help you to concentrate on what resonates with your values and create plans that support what you want to do. Preparing in this way equips you with tools that can foster an enjoyable retirement.

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Prudent Wealth Services and Fees

Your Values Direct Your Plan

The foundation of your financial plan is determining your values. We are here to help you organize your financial priorities and develop strategies for accomplishing each goal within appropriate timeframes.

Comprehensive, Personalized Plans

We offer comprehensive financial planning for clients in any stage of life. Our services address essential aspects of your financial life, including:

Investment plans

Divorce plans

Retirement plans

We offer long-term-care insurance plans that can offer support during the most vulnerable stages of your life, and we integrate disability and life insurance plans to help protect those you love the most. When appropriate, we integrate annuities as well as brokerage and managed accounts into your strategies.

We build a cohesive, organized plan designed to help you achieve financial independence.

Divorce Financial Planning

If you’re considering a divorce or are currently in the process, you’re embarking on a journey that will require patience, skill and guidance. Finances affect every aspect of a divorce, so gaining accurate financial advice is essential for successfully navigating this process.

We specialize in advising clients in dividing financial assets and liabilities in an equitable way. You'll also receive the rationale behind those choices so that when the time comes, you'll have clear, accurate information.

Expert Guidance on Navigating Your Financial Path

Together, We’ll Work With You to:

Determine Your Assets

We help you to appropriately identify the value of your assets in a clear, organized way. Understanding what you have is the first step in this process.

Update your Investment Strategies

We’ll help you to identify an effective strategy for your future. This includes developing a cash flow, financial priorities and investment strategies as you move forward.

Identify Tax Implications

We advise you on the short and long-term tax implications of your investments, enabling you to understand how your decisions will affect you in the long term.

A Customized Approach

Whether you desire ongoing advice or want a one-time plan, we can help you develop a path to get you where you want to go. We set up an ongoing fee arrangement for ongoing advice, or charge once for a one-time plan. With complete transparency, we disclose all of our costs and fees according to the services you require.

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Managing Risk | Providing Opportunities

Effective investment management requires effective risk management. We carefully analyze your investments, balancing them appropriately for your age, retirement timeline, income level and personal comfort. We create your portfolios based on your risk levels, designing space for possible market fluctuations and other shifting factors. As you age and move from one stage of life to another, we adjust your portfolio accordingly to mitigate risk.

Our role is like that of a quarterback,
as such, you can expect that we will:

Assess your investments to ensure that each one works together for your benefit.

Actively educate and communicate with you regarding your portfolio and it’s activity.

Help you understand your investments and how they are optimized for your individual situation and personal values.

Services Adapted to Your Preferences

Our services are adaptable. You may have an investment strategy that is outdated for your current situation. Or you may want someone to manage your investments without creating a comprehensive financial plan. We can evaluate your personal needs and balance your investments to ensure that they’re working together effectively.

If you only need us on a one-time basis to create an investment management strategy, we can help with a one-time fee. Later, if you decide you’d like ongoing support in maintaining that strategy, you can upgrade to continuing services.

Begin by Determining Your Risk Score

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Answering Essential Questions

What are your last wishes? Where do you want your money to go after you die? Do you want it to go to your children? To a charity? To a special-needs trust? Whatever you care about the most, we will uncover those wishes and design a plan to ensure that your resources align with your deepest values. You can arrange to control your money, even after you pass away so that it continues to help those you want it to benefit in the way you wish.

Preparing for the Unexpected

As a team, we’ll work with you to:

an estate plan that accounts for unexpected circumstances you may encounter.

your healthcare wishes so that they’re carried out, even if you’re unable to communicate.

someone to handle your finances if you’re not able to do so.

that you have a proper will in place with designated beneficiaries for your investments and assets.

The peace of mind of both you and your family depends on proper planning. We can guide you in developing a plan that allows you to focus on enjoying your loved ones, knowing you’re well prepared for the future.

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Our Financial Planning Process

What It’s Like Working With
Prudent Wealth

Step 1.

Develop an Understanding

In our first meeting, we seek to gain an understanding of what matters most to you. We present a values card exercise to help you, and us, accurately identify your values. We ask a variety of questions about you, your background, your experience, and your expectations of us.

Step 2.

Analyze Your Assets, Needs and Gaps

In our second meeting, we ask follow-up questions to ensure that we have all of the necessary information to create an in-depth, accurate financial plan.

Step 3.

Create a Draft Plan

We present you with an initial draft of your plan including recommendations. We encourage you to ask questions and be an active participant in creating a successful plan.

Step 4.

Review Final Plan and Recommendations

We present your final plan recommendations and discuss the next steps to take to implement your plan.  We identify next steps, how to implement the plan, and how to follow through in reaching your goals.

Step 5.


Once your plan is in place, we schedule periodic reviews, depending on the complexity of your plan and your needs. Be sure to keep us informed of life changes that may affect your plan. Have you had a career change? A new child? Whatever is happening in your life, we want to know. We serve most effectively when we have current information.

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Insights for Your Financial Journey

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While our home base is in Fort Collins, we have the ability to work with clients remotely anywhere in the U.S. If you would like to learn more about working with our firm, give us a call, fill out the form below or schedule your introductory meeting.

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